Three Products Tested To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Three Products Put to the Test

I hate bugs. I’m not a fan of any of them, whether they are helpful or harmful and I don’t really care if they contribute X to ecosystem Y. I just don’t like them. I do my best to leave them alone and hope they do the same. Should any bug be caught breaking the law near me, they have to be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Bed bugs sound especially horrifying to me due to their blood feeding and general gross behavior.

Some common bug crimes are loitering, flying in restricted airspace, theft, larceny and assault with a weapon (themselves). I can’t stand for these and enforce them as needed. This brings me to a new horror I discovered at a friends house. He called me up very concerned and convinced me to visit him. We walked into his garage where a shady looking couch was sitting on a tarp. “What’s this?” I asked with some hesitation. He told me about this great yard sale and this was his great find. No it wasn’t really the couch, it was what was inside the couch.

Bed Bugs.

Yes, my friend is a little strange. He likes bugs and vermin of all types and even has a collection of them. The bed bug had never been seen before so he was quite proud of this find. My role in all of this was disposal of the bugs and the couch. He didn’t want to dump it somewhere so these nasty things could spread and is too cheap to haul it to the dump. The answer was to just get rid of the bugs and keep the couch. To accomplish this we decided to use three different items to see what would happen. The first order of business was to set the tarp up in such a way that the bed bugs couldn’t escape so we conducted these tests on a couch set in the center of a massive blue tarp with the ends folded into “traps” that small bugs couldn’t escape. Here’s our results, enjoy them.


For this test we used a clean spray bottle and straight vinegar. We sprayed the vinegar all over the couch, under it and between one of the three cushions then went out for a few hours. We came back, lifted the cushions up and inspected for bed bugs. It seems like the ones unlucky enough to get directly sprayed by the straight vinegar died. We lifted up the nearby cushion, however, and there were the rest of them. This is what we expected would happen, they’d just go to a non-sprayed part. Overall, this could work ok if you do full saturation repeatedly. Direct contact seemed to be most effective.


It just so happened my friend’s Father had some strange box in his garage. In this box was something he got on a whim called Bed Defense. We looked this up before taking it out of the box to make sure it wasn’t something full of chemicals and it seems like an all-natural product in a little shell that looks like an ant trap. You’re supposed to stick it between cushions to scare bugs away, not just bed bugs, most bugs. We stuck this between the middle cushion where most of the bed bugs ended up after the first test and left it there for 2 hours or so, this was about 24 hours after the first test.

We entered the garage and couldn’t smell anything at all. Even the vinegar smell was gone completely. Is this product an odor neutralizer or something? We lifted up the cushions…this is madness. NO bedbugs. What in the heck was going on here. We called up my friend’s wife to see if she slipped in and vacuumed them up or something. Nope. They seem to have vanished. We shook the little Bed Defense trap around and nothing fell out so they weren’t in there. It’s a mystery.

We found the bed bugs far away from the couch in the folds of the tarp. They really didn’t like what was in that plastic device. This product seems to really work, we were impressed. We removed it for 24 hours before starting with product 3.

Product 3: Black Flag Fogger Inside Tarp

Even though we were already sold on the Bed Defense thing, we still had the issue of LIVE bed bugs roaming on a tarp in the garage. We needed them gone and by this time my friend decided the couch was too risky to hold on to. What if there were eggs in it or something? We folded 4 sides of the tarp up into a pyramid with a nice gap after disassembling the couch as best we could. Cushions out of covers, bricks holding it off the ground, more bricks elevating the fluffy armrests from the frame. We tossed the fogger into the middle of the tarp so it landed right on the couch then clamped the sides at the top like a huge blue wonton.

We gave this 24 hours to really sink in. It was quite the smell throughout the garage but that was the smell of victory. The next day we unwrapped our tarp wonton and looked around the couch. We couldn’t really see anything moving but there were bed bugs here and there. They seemed dead to us. We re-wrapped the couch and took it to the dump. Just for safety’s sake my friend moved the Bed Defense into his house to keep bugs out while throwing two more foggers in the garage just in case some bugs managed to escape the controlled environment.


How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

Chemicals definitely work to kill bed bugs. In the 50s, the dreaded DDT was used and basically wiped them out in the US to a staggering figure in the high 90 percents. They were simply eradicated from the country. It’s taken some years but they’ve come back with a vengeance. The population density of our cities along with bans on various pesticides (like DDT) have created the perfect environment for bed bugs to thrive. Large areas with lots of beds are where most people think they hang out. Dormitories, hostels, hotels and motels and overcrowded apartments are a good example.

While it’s true they tend to thrive where a lot of people are crammed into small spaces, what happens is those people buy and sell beds and furniture and even clothing and may not realize they even have a bed bug issue. This stuff is bought at a yard sale or second hand store and ends up in a normal household. The residents there may or may not notice the bugs and this cycle continues but everywhere those items have been are now probably infested or on their way to becoming infested by these little menaces.

Let’s check out some all natural methods to help get rid of bed bugs and hopefully keep them away.

Home Remedies

Believe it or not, many of these actually work. There’s a reason they’ve been passed on for generations right? Some of the most common are the bean leaf trap method, alcohol and vinegar sprays and talc or diatomaceous earth sprinkling. The leaves trap insects, sprays directly kill them and the talc and DE form a barrier bugs can’t cross because those materials actually kill them. Using these is very safe for you, your family and your pets and they are worth considering.

Bug Traps

You can find little plastic rings and cup devices that attach to the legs of your tables, bed, chairs and other furniture. These prevent bugs from reaching the top. That’s all they do. They catch them most of the time and they sit there until they starve to death, die of old age or you throw them out. This is a very effective method for prevention but if you’ve already got a problem, the usefulness can be questionable.

Professional Treatments

Most professional exterminators are more than familiar with the current bed bug outbreak and have a huge selection of things to get rid of them. All natural spray treatments are almost always an option and you can decide how long to use this service and whether or not the spray is 100% natural, organic or some kind of mixture. These treatments are probably your best bet in the long run and if you’re a landlord or hotel/motel owner, this is definitely what you’ll want to do.

Natural treatments can work just as good or even better than their chemical counterparts when it comes to bugs of all types. There are many natural plant oils that bugs simply can’t tolerate but humans and pets won’t even notice.

Chemical-Free Bed Bug Remedies: Do They Work?

When you wake up with mysterious bites after a trip or getting a new or used mattress or bedding, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been the victim of a bed bug attack. Bed bugs don’t really “attack” but they feed on humans while they sleep almost like tiny vampires. You can tell bed bug bites from ants, mosquitos and other insects because bed bugs will bite in a straight line as they walk on your arm, back, shoulder or other area close to your face. Random insects will bite you once or twice in no particular pattern.

To get rid of these pests, lots of methods have been tried over hundreds of years from bean leaves (surprisingly effective) to harsh chemicals like DDT. Bed bugs aren’t a particularly resistant insect so you really have a lot of options available, including chemical-free treatment and repellents.

Effective Chemical-Free Products

You might not think these would be effective but they can sometimes be superior to better known chemicals. The bean leaves for example render bugs trapped and they can just be tossed out. Cedar is a well-known insect repellent and if you don’t like the idea of cedar chips under your bed and mattress for a couple weeks, cedar oil is cheap and effective. Cedar has a pungent smell and people tend to like it or hate it.

You can often find great alternative products at health food stores and certain grocery or retail stores depending on where you live and what the shopping situation is like. Some cities may have just one health store or large alternative section while other cities might have a huge selection of shops to choose from. You should be able to tell if this is an option where you live pretty easily.

If you can’t seem to find anything, you can simply shop online. You can find everything imaginable online and some products can work very well. Repellents like Bed Defense are pretty popular and there’s a huge variety of chemical-free bed bug sprays you can order. Will they all work? Probably not. You’ll definitely want to do your homework when it comes to random products you’ve never heard of and keep an eye out for good deals and discount coupons. Some small products might be well suited for traveling and staying in a myriad of hotels because you can’t bring an expert along to check each room for you.

Consulting a professional is always a good idea even if you think you’ve handled the problem on your own. Sometimes bed bugs can appear to be gone but are actually just hiding deep inside your mattress, box spring or under your bed. A professional can check areas you might not think about or can do a quick run through your house to make sure other areas haven’t been infested or ended up being the new home for the bugs driven from  one room to another.

Bed Bug Solutions That Work: How To Formulate An Effective Plan

Any type of insect infestation that appears seemingly from nowhere isn’t just irritating, it can also be embarrassing. You don’t want anyone coming over and being bitten and if you have houseguests on the way and find bed bugs, you need a solution and you need it right now. You can’t have your Mother-in-law sleeping on an infested mattress you picked up from Craigslist, though it may be tempting.

The easiest way to get rid of bed bugs immediately is to use a combination of things to ensure they are all taken care of and won’t be coming back. The most effective combo method to get rid of any insect is commonly referred to as IPM or Integrated Pest Management. Let’s take a look at how it works.


Obviously, the cleaner and more sterile your home is, the less insects can live there. The problem is most people don’t live alone in a spotless, white environment. We have dirty kids and pets that run all over the place making a mess. The best a large family can do is simply damage control. If you find bed bugs, you have to put in the extra effort to ensure they are all eliminated before they spread.
Alcohol kills most insects on contact so you can spray this or a bleach solution directly onto the areas you see them. This should get a majority right away. Next you have to get the hiders. Put all that bedding and suspected clothing into your washer then dry, maybe more than once. You can also bag up suspect clothing and set them in the sun. It takes 120 degrees for them to die. Vacuum very well and dump your vacuum container directly outside into a trash bin and this part is done. Repeat often.


You want to play it safe so you will want to find a specialized all in one bed bug solution type spray. These may need to be ordered online or purchased somewhere that has a wide selection of these sprays. You could also opt for a professional to come in once a week or month to spray around floorboards and entry points.


Once you’re rid of them, keep them away with special bed bug repellant products. You can find traps, sprays, holistic drops, plug-in devices and all sorts of things. You can usually find items that won’t be seen at all by visitors and are safe for pets online and in stores.

To keep up with your IPM routine, follow these steps in order at regular intervals that you can decide on. Once every couple of months should work if you don’t have any bed bugs right now but know they are in your area. Once a week is a good idea if you’ve had them and successfully wiped them out. A professional sprayer is always a good idea and can help prevent an outbreak before it starts and can also help control other insects like spiders.

Choosing A Bed Bug Remedy That Really Works

Bed Bugs are taking over and once they really get settled in somewhere and start breeding, it’s very hard to get rid of them without throwing beds and couches away and hiring an exterminator to spray your home on a regular basis for a few months. This can happen to anyone and all it takes is bringing home one bed bug from some hotel or anywhere you’ve visited.

Bed bugs haven’t been around much in the US because we basically eliminated them from the entire country using chemicals like DDT. Times change and once again these critters are becoming quite a menace. Luckily there are tons of effective bed bug remedies at our disposal right now and more often than not, they are affordable.

Easy At Home Remedies

Some of the basic things you can do to eliminate bed bugs you have now and prevent them from coming in the first place you can do every day and some of you probably do anyway. Maintaining a clean home is one of the most important things you can do. Vacuum every carpeted area thoroughly every day, use a cleanser like Pine Sol or a bleach solution on your tile and linoleum. This not only keeps bed bugs away but also keeps out other pests like roaches and spiders. Your home will also naturally smell better.

Clothing clutter is another big issue that can lead to bed bugs. They like to hide in cloth items like sheets, mattress pads, couches, and even drapes. If you don’t use a dresser and instead keep a pile of clothing on the floor like a bachelor, that’s inviting bugs in. Just keep your clothes and other linens off the floor when possible.

Simple items like bed bug repellants work very well and are cheap. You can get products that you slide between your mattress and box spring and repel insects for months. These often contain harmless ingredients like cedar oils and plant-based material. They smell good too.

Sprays are risky because they pose a hazard to children and pets and often don’t work. Before resorting to a bug spray, make sure it even works on these particular critters.

More Intense Remedies

Sometimes you can just have bad luck and the standard methods to get rid of bed bugs just won’t work. This is usually when you have a couple options but they’ll all usually require an exterminator to come visit or require you to purchase special products. If your bed area is totally infested, the best thing to do is throw it away but you’ll want to bag it or wrap it up so the bed bugs don’t simply wander back into your home waiting for the garbage truck or head for your neighbors. Once the main dwelling area of the bugs is gone, this is when you should do intense cleaning and consult a professional.

If you are a renter, especially if you live in an apartment building, you could get bed bugs popping up out of nowhere and your landlord should actually be responsible for getting rid of them. You can’t just spray one apartment as they’ll quickly head next door so it’s a very large and expensive endeavor that could last months with repeat sprayings and inspections.

There are a lot of remedies that vary in effectiveness so the best thing you can is do a thorough inspection now and again to make sure you even have these little guys in your home and you haven’t just been bitten by a random horsefly or mosquito.