Top Five Pest Control Companies Of 2013

When you have an infestation of bed bugs, ants, roaches, termites or something else that you know is simply out of your league, a pest control company is simply the best and safest route possible. You don’t really want to spray dozens of cans of bug killer all over the place; it might be harmful to you, your kids and your pets. Let the professionals take this one.

You probably know one or two local pest control companies right now. Most people hear or see advertisements for them on a regular basis in large cities but for those who don’t know, let’s take a look at the top five most well-known companies and see what they’re all about.


As the name implies, Terminix is a well-known termite exterminator company but they offer some of the most effective treatments around for every type of insect you can imagine. Bed bugs, termites, rodents, snakes, mosquitos, fleas, roaches and more can be handled through Terminix. This company doesn’t mess around when it comes to bugs. They don’t handle larger pests however so if there’s bats in your belfry, you’ll have to call someone else.


“Call the Orkin man” is synonymous with bug killer in many homes around the US. Orkin is a very well-known and established company with a great reputation. They offer seasonal treatments, yearly plans and more. They will exterminate anything that bothers you including bats and birds in some counties. Their website shows all their operating areas as well as their various pricing plans. Due to how long they’ve been in business, they can be pricey but their effectiveness can’t be beat.

Truly Nolen

This company seems more popular in southern states and you’ve probably seen their cute mouse cars driving around. Naturally, they initially specialized in rodents but long ago took on the whole array of insect life and larger critters as well. This should be your first stop if you have mice, gophers or rats but should also be checked out if you have bed bug or ant problems. They offer green options as well as scheduled treatments.


BioGuard is relatively new compared to the companies above but they offer a great seasonal treatment using green chemicals that are very safe. This company has been used by a lot of hospitals and group homes in some cities because they believe it’s a healthier option while maintaining effectiveness. Other companies also offer eco-friendly options now but it’s the specialty here. This company sticks with insects, reptiles and rodents.


If you’re radio stations are like ours, you hear about Presto-X more than you’d like. That’s not a bad thing though at all! This company has a lot of promotions going on throughout the year and you can save a bundle of money if you catch them at the right time. They offer green treatments like everyone else and can do commercial and residential alike. This company is moving up fast and their employees are well trained.

These are the top five companies as of 2013 but don’t count out others. That Mom and Pop exterminator down the road might know some secrets to getting rid of pests that you wouldn’t have considered and they might be on call 24 hours a day or have a very low wait time to be seen.

Things To Consider

Reputation can probably be the most important thing when it comes to pest control. Ask around. Your friends, family and neighbors may swear by one company but the Internet might be swarmed with bad reviews about them. Take some time to check up on them.

The list of pests covered is also very important. If you call an armadillo specialist to your house to examine your termite problem, you might just be wasting everyone’s time. Make sure they understand your problem and you understand what they do best.

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