Three Products Tested To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Three Products Put to the Test

I hate bugs. I’m not a fan of any of them, whether they are helpful or harmful and I don’t really care if they contribute X to ecosystem Y. I just don’t like them. I do my best to leave them alone and hope they do the same. Should any bug be caught breaking the law near me, they have to be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Bed bugs sound especially horrifying to me due to their blood feeding and general gross behavior.

Some common bug crimes are loitering, flying in restricted airspace, theft, larceny and assault with a weapon (themselves). I can’t stand for these and enforce them as needed. This brings me to a new horror I discovered at a friends house. He called me up very concerned and convinced me to visit him. We walked into his garage where a shady looking couch was sitting on a tarp. “What’s this?” I asked with some hesitation. He told me about this great yard sale and this was his great find. No it wasn’t really the couch, it was what was inside the couch.

Bed Bugs.

Yes, my friend is a little strange. He likes bugs and vermin of all types and even has a collection of them. The bed bug had never been seen before so he was quite proud of this find. My role in all of this was disposal of the bugs and the couch. He didn’t want to dump it somewhere so these nasty things could spread and is too cheap to haul it to the dump. The answer was to just get rid of the bugs and keep the couch. To accomplish this we decided to use three different items to see what would happen. The first order of business was to set the tarp up in such a way that the bed bugs couldn’t escape so we conducted these tests on a couch set in the center of a massive blue tarp with the ends folded into “traps” that small bugs couldn’t escape. Here’s our results, enjoy them.


For this test we used a clean spray bottle and straight vinegar. We sprayed the vinegar all over the couch, under it and between one of the three cushions then went out for a few hours. We came back, lifted the cushions up and inspected for bed bugs. It seems like the ones unlucky enough to get directly sprayed by the straight vinegar died. We lifted up the nearby cushion, however, and there were the rest of them. This is what we expected would happen, they’d just go to a non-sprayed part. Overall, this could work ok if you do full saturation repeatedly. Direct contact seemed to be most effective.


It just so happened my friend’s Father had some strange box in his garage. In this box was something he got on a whim called Bed Defense. We looked this up before taking it out of the box to make sure it wasn’t something full of chemicals and it seems like an all-natural product in a little shell that looks like an ant trap. You’re supposed to stick it between cushions to scare bugs away, not just bed bugs, most bugs. We stuck this between the middle cushion where most of the bed bugs ended up after the first test and left it there for 2 hours or so, this was about 24 hours after the first test.

We entered the garage and couldn’t smell anything at all. Even the vinegar smell was gone completely. Is this product an odor neutralizer or something? We lifted up the cushions…this is madness. NO bedbugs. What in the heck was going on here. We called up my friend’s wife to see if she slipped in and vacuumed them up or something. Nope. They seem to have vanished. We shook the little Bed Defense trap around and nothing fell out so they weren’t in there. It’s a mystery.

We found the bed bugs far away from the couch in the folds of the tarp. They really didn’t like what was in that plastic device. This product seems to really work, we were impressed. We removed it for 24 hours before starting with product 3.

Product 3: Black Flag Fogger Inside Tarp

Even though we were already sold on the Bed Defense thing, we still had the issue of LIVE bed bugs roaming on a tarp in the garage. We needed them gone and by this time my friend decided the couch was too risky to hold on to. What if there were eggs in it or something? We folded 4 sides of the tarp up into a pyramid with a nice gap after disassembling the couch as best we could. Cushions out of covers, bricks holding it off the ground, more bricks elevating the fluffy armrests from the frame. We tossed the fogger into the middle of the tarp so it landed right on the couch then clamped the sides at the top like a huge blue wonton.

We gave this 24 hours to really sink in. It was quite the smell throughout the garage but that was the smell of victory. The next day we unwrapped our tarp wonton and looked around the couch. We couldn’t really see anything moving but there were bed bugs here and there. They seemed dead to us. We re-wrapped the couch and took it to the dump. Just for safety’s sake my friend moved the Bed Defense into his house to keep bugs out while throwing two more foggers in the garage just in case some bugs managed to escape the controlled environment.


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