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Most people will see ads for pest control services from various companies and count their lucky stars that they never have to call them up. Walking into a room full of roaches, ants or some other little nasty critter doesn’t happen to all of us but, unfortunately, it’s almost always right around the corner. Not today but maybe someday that single event will happen that lets the bugs get the upper hand in our home.

Bugs don’t always mean someone is dirty; many times they either came with the house (termites) or arrived on some furniture as stowaways (bedbugs). It could just be a simple matter of where you live. A bite of cheeseburger dropped on your floor in Alaska won’t have the same bug attracting effect as that same chunk of food on a floor in Miami for instance.

Thankfully, pest control specialists are a phone call away no matter where you live. Even the most remote location can be reached and any severity of infestation handled relatively easily and with very safe methods. Chemicals used today are very safe and most pest control companies offer all natural alternatives if you prefer those. Let’s take a look at some different pest control products and techniques.

Do It Yourself Pest Control

Obviously, the first attack we try is the do it yourself method. Why pay someone when you can do it for just a few bucks right? For minor infestations or to simply get rid of a nuisance insect like the wasps that decided to move into your doghouse, you can usually do this yourself and be successful. This doesn’t always work and you may end up consulting a professional anyway. Here’s some common do it yourself products to get rid of bugs.


We all know sprays like Black Flag and Raid. They come in lots of variety such as ant spray, roach spray, bee/wasp spray and more. These sprays can be picked up in most grocery and hardware stores and are pretty effective on very small areas like a wasp nest or single ant hole. Roaches may or may not die when you use a spray unless it’s sprayed directly on them. This can be hard to do as they are fast, hide from light sources and can go places you can’t like under the stove and fridge. Follow the directions on the spray and make sure you never use them near an open flame.


Similar to sprays, foggers come in a can and are usually designated for a specific type of insect or insect group. A fogger is typically set in the middle of a room; you press the button and leave the room, closing all doors. This fills the entire room with a deadly mist that insects can’t tolerate. Foggers can work pretty well in small rooms without a lot of furnishings but the smell lingers and if you have a ton of boxes in there, they will only hit the top layer. Foggers are great for when you move into a new place and no furniture is moved in yet. You can also use them in vehicles if you end up with a car full of roaches somehow (it happens).


Insect traps are a preventative pest control system and the effectiveness varies wildly. What works for your neighbor may not work for you at all. Traps work for most “crawlers” like ants, beetles, roaches and sometimes spiders. These can be placed in key areas around your home and when insects enter, they simply can’t get out. Some traps might have chemicals or bait inside and others may coat an insect in a killing chemical with the hopes it takes it back to the nest to wipe out more of them. Traps tend to expire and many people don’t notice the date because of the type of product it is. Chemicals don’t last forever so make sure you buy new ones, not the boxes covered in dust.

Professional Pest Control Options

The companies in your area will really depend on where you live. If you live in a high population, warm all year state like California or Florida, you’ll have tons of big names like Orkin and Truly Nolen alongside dozens of smaller companies. Good, small companies can sometimes work just as well as larger companies if they have a lot of experience and a good reputation. High quality service along with great technology is the combination you want to look for when choosing a company. It’s even easier if you just use a service that finds your perfect company when you type in your area and your problem!

Things To Know

Before deciding on any pest control options, take the time to know exactly what’s going on to the best of your ability. If you have a huge infestation of ants for example, catch a couple and put them in a jar. Not only will this help you know what you’re dealing with, it will also give the exterminator a quick method they can use to help identify your problem so they can get the right tools ready. Don’t try to tell them exactly what species an insect is because even using all the Internet resources available, you can often make mistakes, ants and other bugs just look too similar to one another.

While most people immediately go for the do it yourself route, if you know you don’t have the time or patience for that, you might as well save some trouble and consult a professional right away. If you’re a landlord or run a hotel/motel, you should definitely get an expert involved immediately to avoid any trouble with tenants or even the city.

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