How To Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to NOT get them in the first place. Prevention is the best course of action for every type of insect out there. Don’t want ants and cockroaches? Keep your floor free of food, crumbs and things these bugs like to eat. With bed bugs, you certainly can’t keep your home free of YOU so you’ll have to find some other way to keep them under control.

Harsh chemicals can be a good solution but they carry all sorts of risks you probably don’t want to expose yourself, your family or your pets to. The obvious course of action here is to find and utilize all-natural preventative measures to keep bed bugs from ever becoming a nuisance in the first place.

Let’s take a look at some easy and cheap methods to prevent bed bugs naturally and effectively.

Careful Examination

The first thing you should do when buying used furniture, used clothing or used bedding is to give it a very thorough examination. People selling these items won’t usually ask what you’re doing if you check things out well and even if they ask, there’s nothing wrong with saying you’re checking for bugs. Yard sales are often outside anyway so you never know if some spiders or something have slipped into that couch you’re looking at.

Bedding really needs to be checked out. This includes comforters and also mattresses and box springs. Check for anything suspicious like little stains or rips. You may want to skip a mattress completely if it has a few tears and bed bugs are common in your area. It’s just a risky proposition.

Natural Repellents

What’s a natural repellent you ask? Well, they come in all shapes and sizes and some work better than you’d think. One of the most popular is simply cedar in a little pouch, cedar rings you put around your bed frame legs, cedar oil sprays and things like this. Bed bugs hate cedar. There are also variations using rose oil, tea tree oil and citronella as well. Some of these products can double as mini air fresheners and can keep that guest bedroom smelling nice even when nobody goes in there much at all. Not all smell strongly so you can stick these repellents everywhere you think you might need them and nobody will notice. Just pests.

Regular Home Check-Ups

If you’re a concerned home owner, apartment manager or hotel operator, why even bother with using items guests or tenants can steal, remove or render useless. Just save yourself the trouble and schedule regular bed bug treatments from a local pest control service. This is the most effective route you can possibly take anyway and you’ll be absolutely sure bed bugs never become a problem at all.

Bed bugs aren’t quite everywhere just yet but they are making a huge comeback all across the US and parts of the world. Don’t let these little pests get under your skin, prevent them from becoming an issue in the first place.


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