How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

Chemicals definitely work to kill bed bugs. In the 50s, the dreaded DDT was used and basically wiped them out in the US to a staggering figure in the high 90 percents. They were simply eradicated from the country. It’s taken some years but they’ve come back with a vengeance. The population density of our cities along with bans on various pesticides (like DDT) have created the perfect environment for bed bugs to thrive. Large areas with lots of beds are where most people think they hang out. Dormitories, hostels, hotels and motels and overcrowded apartments are a good example.

While it’s true they tend to thrive where a lot of people are crammed into small spaces, what happens is those people buy and sell beds and furniture and even clothing and may not realize they even have a bed bug issue. This stuff is bought at a yard sale or second hand store and ends up in a normal household. The residents there may or may not notice the bugs and this cycle continues but everywhere those items have been are now probably infested or on their way to becoming infested by these little menaces.

Let’s check out some all natural methods to help get rid of bed bugs and hopefully keep them away.

Home Remedies

Believe it or not, many of these actually work. There’s a reason they’ve been passed on for generations right? Some of the most common are the bean leaf trap method, alcohol and vinegar sprays and talc or diatomaceous earth sprinkling. The leaves trap insects, sprays directly kill them and the talc and DE form a barrier bugs can’t cross because those materials actually kill them. Using these is very safe for you, your family and your pets and they are worth considering.

Bug Traps

You can find little plastic rings and cup devices that attach to the legs of your tables, bed, chairs and other furniture. These prevent bugs from reaching the top. That’s all they do. They catch them most of the time and they sit there until they starve to death, die of old age or you throw them out. This is a very effective method for prevention but if you’ve already got a problem, the usefulness can be questionable.

Professional Treatments

Most professional exterminators are more than familiar with the current bed bug outbreak and have a huge selection of things to get rid of them. All natural spray treatments are almost always an option and you can decide how long to use this service and whether or not the spray is 100% natural, organic or some kind of mixture. These treatments are probably your best bet in the long run and if you’re a landlord or hotel/motel owner, this is definitely what you’ll want to do.

Natural treatments can work just as good or even better than their chemical counterparts when it comes to bugs of all types. There are many natural plant oils that bugs simply can’t tolerate but humans and pets won’t even notice.

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