How To Check Used Furniture For Bedbugs

Most of the time, thinking about bedbugs isn’t something we’d normally do. Hitting up that yard sale with your friends looking for some unique and interesting furniture or clothing can be a weekly fun activity that can save a bundle on certain items you’ve been looking for. Bed bugs seem to be a pretty new phenomenon for most of us and have only recently showed up in the news.

Think back a few years, did you hear about these pests much? Probably not. Unfortunately, the proper conditions have led to them booming in population all across the world. Banned chemicals that once decimated them haven’t been used in ages and people simply forgot they even existed for the most part. That little “don’t let the bed bugs bite” was a cute little saying. Today, it’s a reality.

The number one way these critters will enter your home is by hiding in that bag of toddler clothes you simply couldn’t resist, that amazing expensive mattress you just found for $20 and things of this nature. A little time spent examining used items followed by proper technique right when you get home can make all the difference in the world.

Examining Used Furniture

Before you load up that couch, mattress or box spring, take some time to really give it a good look over. Is there holes here and there? Peek inside and see if anything seems out of the ordinary. Bed bugs love to live in rips and tears because they know they are safe there. Use a flashlight and take a quick peek. If anything odd is there, you’ll be able to see it. Check all surface areas and crevices for droppings, exoskeletons and live bugs.

Use Your Dryer

If you have just found an amazing pile of clothing or bedding you have to have, don’t even mess with it until you’ve tossed it into the dryer for an hour. Nothing can survive 1 hour of high heat and this should be a rule of thumb for any used clothing. Bed bugs aren’t the only pests around. You could also be bringing home fleas, lice or other critters.

If you live somewhere with a  high outside temperature, you can actually use large black contractor bags that hold sometimes as much as 90 gallons worth of clothing. You can cut and tape these in such a way that you can fit entire beds or couches inside. A couple hours in direct sunlight with these black bags can be even more effective than a dryer. If the outside temperature is 85 degrees or higher and you set this in direct sunlight it can reach extreme temperatures inside and nothing will survive.

Skip It

If there’s a particular item you really want but have a strong suspicion it’s infested with something you don’t want to deal with, you always have the option to skip it. There will be more yard sales next week and you can probably find something just as nice. You don’t want to end up being covered in bites for a winter jacket you won’t even wear for months.

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