How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

So you’ve ended up with a bed bug infestation and you need a timeframe on how long it’s going to be before you’re back to living a happy bug-free life. There are actually a lot of factors that can influence how long it takes to get rid of these pests once and for all.

There are obvious influences like house size, room size, number of bugs present and what type of treatment you decide to use. Let’s take a look at some factors that can give you a rough estimate on how long you’re looking at.

Property Size

Naturally, a studio apartment will take much less time to clear completely of bed bugs than a 48-unit motel. This also depends on the number of sleeping surfaces too so one studio apartment with 3 beds smashed into it will actually take longer to treat than a 48-unit motel with only one infested bed. It’s best to examine this problem by “infested sleeping areas” initially unless you or an exterminator discovers bugs roaming around under and around any bed or beds. Size won’t always mean a longer treatment time.

Infestation Level

If you have one bite in your house now and then you may have a very slight infestation in the bed or futon you or a guest are sleeping in right now. Getting rid of that sleeping surface ends the infestation usually. In extreme cases, an entire home can be infested from top to bottom and this is a problem when more people are living there than should be. Picture 20 people crammed into a 2 bedroom apartment for a few months. The conditions there are ripe for an infestation so bad bugs will actually be living in the walls and floorboards and migrating to nearby homes or apartment rooms. This is an extreme example but it CAN happen and if you’re a landlord, you might have seen similar things.

Exterminator Cooperation

Some people will happily allow an exterminator to come in and spray at various times when needed. Some might lock the door and leave an angry dog inside because they view it as a violation of personal space almost. People who don’t allow the exterminator to do their job or who don’t cooperate when you have a whole complex treat their bedding or wash/dry all their linens while treatment is happening can lead to the entire process being broken. In some cases one stubborn renter can make it near impossible for a full elimination to occur.

So, how long is it going to take? That’s a very hard question to answer and is best left for a true pest control expert. Tossing a bad mattress takes a couple minutes, clearing a huge infested apartment building could take weeks or months.

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