Finding The Right Sprays to Kill Bed Bugs!

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs in your home the most common method people seek is some form of insecticide. Since powders, dusts and fogs can be confusing and dangerous, most people opt for bed bug sprays to kill bed bugs. But the truth is that many bug sprays don’t work on bed bugs.

Although insecticides should be one part of a multi-part bed bug treatment plan, it is important that you find the right sprays for bed bugs. Relying on ineffective treatments for bed bugs can not only not get rid of bed bugs, but increases the likelihood they will spread around your home.

Read more to find out how to find the right bed bug spray.

Natural OR Chemical

The first decision you’ll have to make when trying to find a bed bug spray that works is, should I go with a natural or chemical spray? This is an important question to ask because your safety should be a top priority when creating a bed bug treatment plan.

Your question is probably…what’s the difference?

Well ‘natural’ bed bug sprays are generally oil based products derived from natural ingredients rather than chemicals. These products often include cinnamon oil, lemon grass oils, lavender and tea tree oil among other ingredients. These natural bed bug sprays are a great alternative because you can spray them in areas that include closets and dresser drawers without worrying about skin rashes or allergic reactions.

Chemical based insecticides often feature alcohol, pesticides and other chemicals to help kill bed bugs. Often these bed bug sprays are stronger than their natural counterparts but whether or not they are more effective can only be determined by you.

The truth is that both products work about the same so choosing the right bed bug spray comes down to preference. Do you prefer a natural spray or a chemical based spray?

Eggs Be Gone?

When you’re at your local home supply store looking for sprays for bed bugs there is one important factor that the spray you choose, must have. Make sure the spray can kill bed bug eggs in addition to the bugs.

Bed bugs lay eggs weekly so if you get a spray that does not also kill eggs you will continue to have a bed bug problem. This is part of the reason it is so important to get a bed bug spray that is specifically for bed bugs as opposed to other types of bugs.

The Price Is Right

Since a bed bug spray alone will not completely eradicate a bed bug infestation it is also important that you make sure the price of the spray is acceptable to you. Some of the sprays can cost as much as $50 per bottle which can be quite pricey if you still have to buy furniture encasements, scrub brushes and wash all cloth materials in your home.

The key is to find a bed bug spray that not only meets your requirements in terms of no pesticides, ability to fight bed bugs and eggs as well as not breaking the bank.

Bed Bug Spray Downside

While for the most part bed bug sprays are effective as part of a multi-faceted treatment plan they can’t get the job done alone. Since there’s always the chance that some people will take the easy route and use only a spray to fight bed bugs, here are a few reasons you can’t simply rely on just bed bug sprays.

  1. Most bed bug sprays are ineffective once the spray has dried.
  2. These sprays only work in 15 to 20 minute increments.
  3. Sprays that have to be diluted are less effective.
  4. Some pesticides can be harmful.
  5. Some natural bed bug sprays are not as effective as those laced with chemicals.
  6. Some sprays are part of expensive bed bug killing kits.

There are also professional grade bed bug sprays available but you should make sure you read all instructions carefully and follow them to the letter. These high grade sprays can contain many ingredients that can be harmful if you come into close contact with them.

For your own safety try a basic bed bug spray before using a professional grade spray, in conjunction with other bed bug treatments.

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