Choosing A Bed Bug Remedy That Really Works

Bed Bugs are taking over and once they really get settled in somewhere and start breeding, it’s very hard to get rid of them without throwing beds and couches away and hiring an exterminator to spray your home on a regular basis for a few months. This can happen to anyone and all it takes is bringing home one bed bug from some hotel or anywhere you’ve visited.

Bed bugs haven’t been around much in the US because we basically eliminated them from the entire country using chemicals like DDT. Times change and once again these critters are becoming quite a menace. Luckily there are tons of effective bed bug remedies at our disposal right now and more often than not, they are affordable.

Easy At Home Remedies

Some of the basic things you can do to eliminate bed bugs you have now and prevent them from coming in the first place you can do every day and some of you probably do anyway. Maintaining a clean home is one of the most important things you can do. Vacuum every carpeted area thoroughly every day, use a cleanser like Pine Sol or a bleach solution on your tile and linoleum. This not only keeps bed bugs away but also keeps out other pests like roaches and spiders. Your home will also naturally smell better.

Clothing clutter is another big issue that can lead to bed bugs. They like to hide in cloth items like sheets, mattress pads, couches, and even drapes. If you don’t use a dresser and instead keep a pile of clothing on the floor like a bachelor, that’s inviting bugs in. Just keep your clothes and other linens off the floor when possible.

Simple items like bed bug repellants work very well and are cheap. You can get products that you slide between your mattress and box spring and repel insects for months. These often contain harmless ingredients like cedar oils and plant-based material. They smell good too.

Sprays are risky because they pose a hazard to children and pets and often don’t work. Before resorting to a bug spray, make sure it even works on these particular critters.

More Intense Remedies

Sometimes you can just have bad luck and the standard methods to get rid of bed bugs just won’t work. This is usually when you have a couple options but they’ll all usually require an exterminator to come visit or require you to purchase special products. If your bed area is totally infested, the best thing to do is throw it away but you’ll want to bag it or wrap it up so the bed bugs don’t simply wander back into your home waiting for the garbage truck or head for your neighbors. Once the main dwelling area of the bugs is gone, this is when you should do intense cleaning and consult a professional.

If you are a renter, especially if you live in an apartment building, you could get bed bugs popping up out of nowhere and your landlord should actually be responsible for getting rid of them. You can’t just spray one apartment as they’ll quickly head next door so it’s a very large and expensive endeavor that could last months with repeat sprayings and inspections.

There are a lot of remedies that vary in effectiveness so the best thing you can is do a thorough inspection now and again to make sure you even have these little guys in your home and you haven’t just been bitten by a random horsefly or mosquito.

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