Chemical-Free Bed Bug Remedies: Do They Work?

When you wake up with mysterious bites after a trip or getting a new or used mattress or bedding, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been the victim of a bed bug attack. Bed bugs don’t really “attack” but they feed on humans while they sleep almost like tiny vampires. You can tell bed bug bites from ants, mosquitos and other insects because bed bugs will bite in a straight line as they walk on your arm, back, shoulder or other area close to your face. Random insects will bite you once or twice in no particular pattern.

To get rid of these pests, lots of methods have been tried over hundreds of years from bean leaves (surprisingly effective) to harsh chemicals like DDT. Bed bugs aren’t a particularly resistant insect so you really have a lot of options available, including chemical-free treatment and repellents.

Effective Chemical-Free Products

You might not think these would be effective but they can sometimes be superior to better known chemicals. The bean leaves for example render bugs trapped and they can just be tossed out. Cedar is a well-known insect repellent and if you don’t like the idea of cedar chips under your bed and mattress for a couple weeks, cedar oil is cheap and effective. Cedar has a pungent smell and people tend to like it or hate it.

You can often find great alternative products at health food stores and certain grocery or retail stores depending on where you live and what the shopping situation is like. Some cities may have just one health store or large alternative section while other cities might have a huge selection of shops to choose from. You should be able to tell if this is an option where you live pretty easily.

If you can’t seem to find anything, you can simply shop online. You can find everything imaginable online and some products can work very well. Repellents like Bed Defense are pretty popular and there’s a huge variety of chemical-free bed bug sprays you can order. Will they all work? Probably not. You’ll definitely want to do your homework when it comes to random products you’ve never heard of and keep an eye out for good deals and discount coupons. Some small products might be well suited for traveling and staying in a myriad of hotels because you can’t bring an expert along to check each room for you.

Consulting a professional is always a good idea even if you think you’ve handled the problem on your own. Sometimes bed bugs can appear to be gone but are actually just hiding deep inside your mattress, box spring or under your bed. A professional can check areas you might not think about or can do a quick run through your house to make sure other areas haven’t been infested or ended up being the new home for the bugs driven from  one room to another.

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