Bed Defense Review – Does Bed Defense Work and Kill Bed Bugs?

With bed bug infestations hitting so many homes around the nation, people are desperately seeking any product or method that will provide relief. Since bed bugs sneak up on you during sleep or extended periods of rest, an infestation can cause sleepless nights and anxiety.

There have been many different products to hit the market promising to kill bed bugs, allowing you to return to peaceful living in your home. It’s important however, to find out what products work and which ones don’t work to help you eradicate a bed bug infestation.

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Keep reading to learn if Bed Defense can help you get rid of bed bugs!

What Is Bed Defense?

Bed Defense is billed as a “home device” unit that works while you sleep to repel bed bugs.

This ‘unit’ is an octagonal device that includes a list of ingredients that the makers say are clinically proven to prevent bed bugs. The ingredients found emitted from this unit include;

  • Lactic Acid
  • Acetone
  • Glycerin
  • Hops Flower Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oils
  • Silicon Dioxide

These ingredients make up 30% of Bed Defense, however if any other ingredients are in this product they are not listed on the website or the product packaging.

How Does It Kill Bed Bugs?

To get rid of bed bugs, you simply place the Bed Defense device either on the floor or between your mattresses and box springs. From there the product emits the ingredients to repel them away from you during sleep.

The product information isn’t very clear about how exactly the ingredients are expelled into the air to kill the bed bugs, however they do claim that the product is “clinically proven” to be 99.7% effective. These figures are based on two studies, one conducted in 2011 that relied on many of the ingredients found in Bed Defense. In one study it was found that Bed Defense was effective for reducing the infestation of both infant and adult bed bugs.

The 2011 study concluded that the key ingredients in Bed Defense prevented, repelled and killed bed bugs. There are no links to these studies or great detail, so you have to take their word for it.

Is It Effective?

According to the makers of Bed Defense this product is nearly 100% effective, based on the 2 week study. However there have been many complaints stating that the Bed Defense unit is ineffective for eradicating bed bugs.

It is difficult to say for certain that this product is effective, mostly because there has not been extensive studies into effective methods for killing bed bugs.

Bed Defense claims to keep the bed bugs away!

How Much Is Bed Defense?

Most people looking to eliminate a bed bug infestation will be happy to know that Bed Defense is a relatively inexpensive investment. For just $18.99 you will receive one unit plus free shipping.

Bed Defense Pros


+Easy to set up

+Money back guarantee

+Made from natural ingredients

Bed Defense Cons

-No links to clinical studies cited on product website

-How product works is unclear

-Seems to have a large number of unsatisfied customers

-Science indicates infestation is merely “reduced” rather than eliminated

Should You Get Bed Defense?

You’re probably wondering whether or not Bed Defense is a reasonable investment to help you get rid of bed bugs. The truth is that while there is no conclusive evidence indicating that this product is effective, it may help when combined with other steps to get rid of bed bugs.

The scientific studies cited on the website only indicate that there will be a reduction in bed bugs but it says nothing of killing the bugs or the eggs. This is an important distinction since bed bugs lay eggs once every 5 to 7 days, which means this product never really gets rid of bed bugs, simply just reduces them.

The patent on this product is still pending and there is no science to back it up, however it is a natural method of killing bed bugs so if you’re looking for a healthier way to end your bed bug infestation, this product is worth a shot.

When combined with a thorough cleaning, extreme heat and encasements Bed Defense may help you alleviate your bed bug infestation.

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