Bed Bug Solutions That Work: How To Formulate An Effective Plan

Any type of insect infestation that appears seemingly from nowhere isn’t just irritating, it can also be embarrassing. You don’t want anyone coming over and being bitten and if you have houseguests on the way and find bed bugs, you need a solution and you need it right now. You can’t have your Mother-in-law sleeping on an infested mattress you picked up from Craigslist, though it may be tempting.

The easiest way to get rid of bed bugs immediately is to use a combination of things to ensure they are all taken care of and won’t be coming back. The most effective combo method to get rid of any insect is commonly referred to as IPM or Integrated Pest Management. Let’s take a look at how it works.


Obviously, the cleaner and more sterile your home is, the less insects can live there. The problem is most people don’t live alone in a spotless, white environment. We have dirty kids and pets that run all over the place making a mess. The best a large family can do is simply damage control. If you find bed bugs, you have to put in the extra effort to ensure they are all eliminated before they spread.
Alcohol kills most insects on contact so you can spray this or a bleach solution directly onto the areas you see them. This should get a majority right away. Next you have to get the hiders. Put all that bedding and suspected clothing into your washer then dry, maybe more than once. You can also bag up suspect clothing and set them in the sun. It takes 120 degrees for them to die. Vacuum very well and dump your vacuum container directly outside into a trash bin and this part is done. Repeat often.


You want to play it safe so you will want to find a specialized all in one bed bug solution type spray. These may need to be ordered online or purchased somewhere that has a wide selection of these sprays. You could also opt for a professional to come in once a week or month to spray around floorboards and entry points.


Once you’re rid of them, keep them away with special bed bug repellant products. You can find traps, sprays, holistic drops, plug-in devices and all sorts of things. You can usually find items that won’t be seen at all by visitors and are safe for pets online and in stores.

To keep up with your IPM routine, follow these steps in order at regular intervals that you can decide on. Once every couple of months should work if you don’t have any bed bugs right now but know they are in your area. Once a week is a good idea if you’ve had them and successfully wiped them out. A professional sprayer is always a good idea and can help prevent an outbreak before it starts and can also help control other insects like spiders.

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