Bed Bug Repellents: Which Ones Work?

With the recent scares about bed bugs seemingly everywhere we look, it’s a good idea to consider taking a pre-emptive step to keep these pests from becoming a problem in the first place. What steps should you take? This can vary on your exact situation but most people can’t go wrong with utilizing a handful of cheap and effective bed bug repellent products. These can be effective in houses, apartments and even mobile homes and they will keep bed bugs and other critters away completely.

What’s A Repellent?

In simple terms a repellent is some sort of device or chemical that bed bugs simply can’t stand. These can cover a huge range of products from little plastic traps to satchels of herbs to little sprays that double as air fresheners. Here’s a few of the basic repellent types and how they work.

Insect Traps

Most people know about roach motels and mouse traps, these entice specific creatures inside and they are unable to leave. Some types combine a sticky surface area with a poison for double the effectiveness. These work mainly for ants, spiders and roaches but you can find specialized bed bug traps that fit around bed frame legs or you can find very advanced traps that emulate human breath that they are naturally attracted to. Not only do these traps catch bugs but they can be used to determine if you have them in the first place.

Repellent Products

You might have stumbled across items like Bed Defense while looking for ways to prevent bed bugs. This particular product is a lot like the rest of the repellent line. It uses all natural ingredients that bugs can’t tolerate and will avoid at all costs. Inside you’ll find things like cedar oil, citronella and other proven compounds that keep bugs at bay.

These are a great investment because not only do they work for most insects, they are cheap and last for months without needing to be replaced. They can also add a pleasant smell to your spare bedroom that doesn’t see a lot of action unless in-laws or guests come to town.

Repellent Sprays

Sprays can actually work as minor repellents and you can make them yourself if you don’t have a bug problem and just want to handle things for a while on your own. Mixtures of bleach water kill any type of insect on contact and rubbing alcohol solutions devastate anything with an exoskeleton within seconds. Insects simply can’t tolerate strong chemicals due to the way they breath and the porous nature of their bodies.

If you see some suspicious bugs you don’t want around, give them a spray with something you’ve made or give them a nice blast of windex. This will let them know they are in a hostile environment and should they survive, they’ll probably make a quick exit out the door or the crack they came in from. Vinegar is another quick and easy repellent spray that bugs can’t handle. Using the right combo, you can have something that smells refreshing and doubles as a carpet cleaner.

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