What You Need To Ask Your Bed Bug Exterminator

Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t easy. It takes time and effort and plenty of patience to completely get them out of your home. The first thing you’ll want to do is call an exterminator to help but you should know that finding a professional isn’t as simple as opening the phone book and pointing out a name.

The truth is that finding someone to help with your bed bug extermination requires a little bit of research so you know what’s going on. This requires ongoing work, which means you need to ask questions and know how to maintain the bed bug treatment plan.

Here are a few questions that you MUST ask your bed bug exterminator before he or she begins.

Are You Licensed?

This is an important question to ask for bed bug extermination because an unlicensed exterminator will have more knowledge about bed bugs and how to treat them. Furthermore if you are unsatisfied with the treatment plan or feel that you have been mistreated, there is no licensing authority to contact for an unlicensed exterminator.

Find out whether or not the exterminator you choose is licensed and by whom they are licensed.

Do You Have References?

As with any professional you want to make sure that your bed bug exterminator has a good track record. Ask for references first, but you can also look online and find forums where exterminators have been reviewed. Look up service ratings from professional ratings organizations to find out if there are places where the company falls short.

You will have to pay for bed bug extermination so make sure you get all the information you can before choosing.

What Does Treatment Include?

This question will help you decide which professional you choose for bed bug extermination. You should be prepared for what the treatment involves, particularly if any pre-treatment is required on your part. The pros tend to think us regular people know exactly what “pre-treatment” involves, so make sure you find out what is expected of you.

  • Do I need to encase my heavy furniture?
  • Do I need to move my furniture around?
  • Will you be bombing the apartment?
  • Will I have to vacate the premises?
  • How long will I have to vacate the premises?
  • Should I wash clothes and bedding before or after treatment?


Keep walls clear before your pro arrives!

Is Post-Treatment Included In Cost?

Make sure you receive a detailed answer to this question because it can affect what you’re willing to pay for the service and whether or not you effectively get rid of bed bugs.

Like I said earlier, bed bug extermination is a lengthy process and if the pro is only making one visit you need to know what you are expected to do afterward. Find out if furniture and bedding will need to be washed and how frequently you need to check the infested areas of your home.

Before Extermination

Before the bed bug exterminator arrives there are some things you will need to do to prepare for treatment. These are things that need to be done in order to get rid of bed bugs but things that your exterminator is unlikely to do for you.

  • Remove bedding from bed and wash it in hot water and dry on a high heat cycle. This includes bed skirts and mattress pads.
  • Dismantle bed frame and sit all pieces against the wall so you and the exterminator can treat all infected areas.
  • Remove & Seal all clutter, decorative accessories, mirrors and photos. Any knick knacks and removable shelving units should be removed and sealed as well.
  • Push furniture away from walls so corners and hard to reach areas can be treated.
  • Vacuum your entire home thoroughly the day before the bed bug extermination.
  • Clear dresser drawers and closets. Wash and dry all contents at high heat setting and then seal.


Before you hire an exterminator and agree to an appointment it is your responsibility to make sure all of your concerns have been addressed and that you are perfectly aware of the extermination process. If you aren’t properly educated about this, the extermination can take much longer. 

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