Bed Bug Control: What The Pros Do

Bed bugs have always been a problem wherever humans have populated basically forever. They go where we go just like certain other types of insect. We have something they need to survive and that something is our blood. We also tend to sleep in secure, warm areas that other predators can’t reach and this makes our bedroom a safe haven for small insects, mainly of the parasitic and annoying variety.

When you discover you’ve somehow come down with bed bugs, most people will be very disturbed and should usually start researching what these bugs are, what they do, where they come from and how to get rid of them. No matter where you check the end result is almost always “contact a professional” even if you think you’ve wiped them out. They can actually cause reactions in some people and be dangerous if their numbers get high enough.

How Professionals Deal With Bed Bugs

When you first call any pest control company, they’ll typically go to where you tell them the problem is and do a thorough inspection then go outward from there checking floorboards, walls, carpeting and nooks and crannies bugs tend to hide in. With bed bugs they will need to access your bed so make sure everything is clean.

Typically a professional will only inspect the first time and this can be free depending on the company. You’ll next make an appointment or series of appointments depending on the severity of the situation and what level of involvement the pest control expert will have to utilize. A simple monthly spraying is pretty cheap but a deep treatment that takes hours every week (think large apartment units) will be more expensive.

When the time comes, the expert will usually use a combination of all-natural sprays and other methods to deal with bugs head on. Since your bed is pretty personal, they will only use a very light yet effective spray or sometimes a portable heat box that kills bedbugs within a few minutes. They may leave you to do some after cleaning like vacuuming and wiping surfaces down but that’s a small price to pay to be bug free.

What Pest Control Company Should I Call?

This varies depending on where you live really. In small towns you may have only one option but in medium or larger cities you could have a huge variety of large, well-known companies along with smaller “mom and pop” exterminators. Reputation can go a long way here, especially with smaller companies. Use the internet and talk to people you know in the area to see who is recommended for specifics. Bed bugs can be an embarrassing topic so you don’t really need to be specific when looking for a recommendation unless you’re comfortable with it.

A professional really can do more than you unless you’re really experienced with this sort of thing so don’t hesitate to call them at the first sign of something fishy.

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