Bed Bug Control: How To Prevent and Eliminate Bed Bug Infestations

There are certain insects out there that are notoriously hard to get under control once they’ve established an area of your home (or your entire home) as their preferred place of residence. Cockroaches and termites are the insects most people are familiar with in this aspect. They can cause an extreme amount of work needed and in some cases can devastate the value of your home and possibly surrounding homes.

A newcomer in this scene is the bed bug. These little guys have been gone for almost ½ a century due to an aggressive campaign to wipe them out but they’ve come back with a vengeance. That little red bump on your face you picked up at a hotel could be a bed bug bite and if a couple of them came home with you, that’s all it takes to spread them around sometimes not just to your home but anywhere you went along the way, including vehicles. You need to be aggressive and use a multi-stage bed bug control system immediately if you even suspect you’ve got bed bugs.

Bed Bug Inspection

The first stage with any insect infestation is always the simple inspection. You need to know what you’re dealing with exactly because some elimination methods won’t work for some bugs. Bed bugs leave a hard to find trail but once you know what you’re looking for, you can usually figure out if you have them in just a few minutes.

Bed bugs, like any bug, shed their exoskeleton once in a while and are mostly active at night. This means they are fairly easy to find in the daylight. Go over every inch of your sheets, mattress, box spring, pillow, pillowcase and nearby areas using a flashlight and as much normal lighting as you can. You can find little black/yellow smears caused by their droppings, tiny oval shaped exoskeletons (or the live bugs), and you may notice a sweet yet musky smell. Look closely in folds of cloth and anywhere a little bug may be able to enter.

Bed Bug Control

If you’re sure you’ve got them, the next step is to eliminate them completely and control the area they seem to prefer to prevent them from coming back. To get rid of bed bugs you have a few options and they will vary depending on what you want to do and how bad you’ve got them. If you only have a couple that probably came with you from a hotel room, washing and drying your bedding and any clothing you took on your trip I the first step. Dryers kill most bugs. Dry your items twice to be safe.

Next, clean, clean, clean. Vacuum your entire house, vacuum your mattress, vacuum your box spring. This can wipe them out completely and in minor cases, this could be all you need to do to be done with it. Usually, you’ll still want to spray your bedding, especially your mattress with a nice bleach solution or disinfectant though this may not kill all the bed bugs. It will definitely help until you can consult a professional or buy some special products however.

Repellant products work wonders as well. These devices can be anything from wall-plug mounted sonic items to little satchels of herbs. Do a bit of research to see what works and what doesn’t. Bed Defense is a popular and affordable little plastic trap that doubles as an all-natural repellant for instance.

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