All Natural Bed Bug Protection

Bed bugs have been a nuisance all around the world since man began living in dense towns and cities. You can actually trace these little bugs back thousands of years to Europe, Asia and Africa. They need us to live and will always be around any mid to high population centers.

The main way we used to get rid of bed bugs was with harsh chemicals like DDT and while it worked, it was also extremely harmful for people and animals. Today, there are a lot of all natural and eco-friendly options available to help protect your home against bed bugs.

All Natural Sprays

Sprays containing all natural ingredients work in a similar fashion to their more harsh counterparts. You can spray them directly on infested areas and bed bugs themselves. Like any sprays however, this can actually cause bed bugs to simply scatter and hide or simply avoid the treated area until the active ingredients dissipate.

You might think this basically renders any spray pretty worthless but actually they can work alright when used in certain ways. You can use a spray to help ensure no bed bugs are in that bag of used clothes you brought home, to spray in your guest bedroom now and then as a preventative measure and more. To get the most out of an all-natural spray, use them in tandem with another bed bug prevention device.

Bed Bug Monitors

Bed bug monitors come in two forms, active and passive. The active type uses a small heater and CO2 mist device that emulates your own breath. These can be fairly expensive but work amazingly well. If there are bed bugs in your home, you’ll know within one day using an active monitor. Passive monitors are usually made of thin pieces of plastic or cardboard and simply give bed bugs a place to hide near your bed or inside it. You inspect this device now and then for exoskeletons, droppings or even live bugs.

Bed Bug Traps

A bed bug trap is a small plastic ring or square that you can place in key areas of your room like on  your bed frame legs. Any insect can easily crawl into this plastic device but they simply can’t crawl out. They’ll remain there until they die or until you get rid of them yourself. This is a common way to have a pest control professional confirm the bugs in your home are actually bed bugs.

Professional Services

The easiest way for most of us to find an all-natural solution to our bed bug worries is to hire a professional pest exterminator. A pro will have a nice range of all-natural options and these will almost always work on the bugs in your area. Some groups of insects have developed a resistance against certain chemicals and the exterminators in your area will know what works and what doesn’t.

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