Bed Bugs and Yard Sales: How To Prevent Bringing Them Home

Yard sales and garage sales can be near impossible to resist no matter if you’re a man or woman and no matter if the stuff you see is something you need or not. For a lot of us, simply seeing the signs that say “sale this way!” bring about a feeling of excitement that can be dang near impossible to resist.  You never know what you’ll find and sometimes you’ll find the most awesome thing you never knew you even wanted!

So, how are bed bugs involved in all this? Well there are certain pieces of furniture and other items that bed bugs definitely prefer over others and once you know what exactly they prefer, finding them and preventing them from accidentally hitching a ride into your home to feast on you is pretty easy. Let’s check out some useful tips about preventing bed bugs from yard sale purchases.


Couches are a prime suspect and unfortunately people overlook these more often than not. Lots of people don’t have room for a bed or have roommates and chances are that couch doubles as a bed quite often, especially if you’re grabbing it near a university. The size and shape of the couch are important here because tiny couches probably aren’t sleeping surfaces.

To check a couch for bed bugs, it’s super easy. You just need to take off the couch cushions, give them a nice shake and see if anything falls out. While the cushions are off, that’s the time to check for rips and tears. A lot of couches get torn up inside but don’t tear to the point they are just losing things directly to the floor. Take a quick peek inside these tears if you can.


Well, bed bugs aren’t called rug bugs or shoe bugs for a reason. They want to live where we sleep so they can feed on us while we’re sleeping. Beds including mattresses, box springs, dust ruffles and linens are the primary suspects at any yard or garage sale. It’s quick and easy to simply give them a good shake on a sunny day but if it’s dark or indoors, it can be hard to find anything suspicious. The savvy shopper will bring a flashlight along so they are sure they have the ability to check for unwanted inhabitants no matter what the lighting condition may be.

Linens and Clothing

Coats, sheets, pants and pretty much anything made of cloth can potentially act as a bed bug taxi directly to your home or the home of a friend or relative. Imagine your Grandma’s horror when that quilt you got for her infests her bedroom with bed bugs. Don’t let this happen to your Grandma, take proper steps.

The easiest way to prevent bed bugs in used clothing and linens is to simply wash all that stuff then dry it on high heat. Since everything is used anyway, you don’t need to worry about shrinkage.


Just use your head and be observant. It’s not hard to spot bugs and dirty or shady looking yard/garage sales should always be approached with caution.

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